Long Tail Theory Under Fire


Between Christmas and New-Year an article appeared in NRC and NRC-next citing research by Will Pale and Andrew Bud showing that online music sales does not follow the ‘long tail’ distribution (see also…). Bottom line of the ‘long tale’ theory is that with the big assortment of online stores, the total sales of ‘rare’ items – in low quantities each, will outperform the total sales of popular items, because there are less limitations in the ‘supply chain’. The evidence of Pale and Bud shows that the choices of the masses generate the distribution of the sales, not the supply chain. As the long tale theory has been embraced by many who dislike the block-buster model of film and music industry, it will undoubtedly remain popular, despite the evidence provided by Pale and Bud. I am curious to find out what arguments pop up to ‘save’ the long tale theory.


One Response to “Long Tail Theory Under Fire”

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