Tim Berners-Lee argues for open data on the web at TED


One of my favorite speakers at TED is Tim Berners-Lee. Tim Berners-Lee is seen as the ‘inventor’ of the world wide web and more recently he became a promoter of the idea of the semantic web and promoter of web access of the third world. At one occasion Tim Berners-Lee made an apology for the double slashes (//) in the IP address, for causing a waste of ink, and frustration. Later he claimed to be surprised about the stir this caused, since there where more important issues to attend too, essentially apologizing for the apology. This may seem a bit wierd, but the mix of energy and fresh ideas that characterises Tim also accunt for these incidents I guess. Personally I feel that the inventor of the Web deserves the Nobel Peace Prize (accesibility of information decreases information inequality, decreases power concentration, encourages democracy, freedom and peace). Until then we can honour him by just letting him speak. The first talk shows Berners-Lee arguing for sharing data on the web. The second talk shows him commenting on the results.

In 2009 Berners-Lee makes an argument for sharing data:

This year he revieuws the results -including the benifits for Haiti (prominent in the news for its earthquake).

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