UX Nightmare


Do not misread the title, this is not a description of a groteskly failing product, yet – it is a report of the dream I had last night. I dreamed of a new feature on Twitter. It was now possible to tweet streaming video banners. To make them extra extra engaging they could break out of the frame: more or less like this photoshop impression.

Video-streaming-banners is a pretty bad idea, but it gets worse. The first full-streaming-video-tweet-clip in my timeline was from comedian and usability specialist  Jasper van Kuijk. It showed him on an American road trip, singing a song closely resembling the Lambada.

I admit, this is a pretty sick association chain, but here is what I am most ashamed of. I didn’t wake up screaming at all. In my dream I thought this full-streaming-video-tweet-clip-horror-scenario was a pretty cool thing and I retweeted it immediately.

I expressed my concerns about Twitter before, but this is not about Twitter. It is about me. This was a wakeup call. I need help. At first I thought a psychiatrist would be enough, but now I am thinking I need something, someone stronger. Maybe I need Dave Pell


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