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I guess most design students have learned about integration at some point. Business, Costumer-relations, Engineering, Marketing and other departments may have very different demands for a new product and the designer has to find her (his) way across the different value sets and constraints of these different departments. An integrated design manages to do so; […]

What are the essential skills involved in search? In an (excellent) Berkely lecture series about search hosted by Marti Hearst, which is available online as podcast, Google’s HCI reasearcher Dan Russel gives a guest lecture about users’ sense making while searching. This is a tricky problem because users express their searches in just a couple […]

One of my favorite speakers at TED is Tim Berners-Lee. Tim Berners-Lee is seen as the ‘inventor’ of the world wide web and more recently he became a promoter of the idea of the semantic web and promoter of web access of the third world. At one occasion Tim Berners-Lee made an apology for the […]

Jane Hart, a Social Learning Consultant and founder of the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies. Publishes a yearly list of most popular (web)tools for learning. The list is very helpfull in figuring out which social web tools help in sharing knowledge and ideas and which you might want to check out yourself. In that […]

In this post, Robin slan introduces the ideas of stock (everything static, trees money) and flow (the movement of things, money exchang etc.). He draws a parralel with social media, where flow is the steam of events such as provided by using microblogging tools and life stream services and stock is what remains of that, […]

This video deals with social media in classroom. The authors praise the flexibility of the tools that are available, and -more important- the added value of sharing your work with the ‘world’ creating an added layer of value.

Here Is a list of posts from Adrian Chan, discussing Social Interaction Design as an emerging discipline See previous parts of this post here: Social Interaction Design Primer Part I Social Interaction Design Primer Part II.1: Introduction Social Interaction Design Primer Part II.2: Action Systems Social Interaction Design Primer Part II.3: Feeds & Lifestreaming Social […]