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A book review of Thomas de Zengotita’s Mediated.  “Saying it’s just more of what we had before is like saying a hurricane is just more breeze”. Culturally, the media form the air we breathe. They have such a widespread presence in modern life that stepping back and form theory of media in society has become nearly impossible. […]

A book review Scott Thomas wrote a book about the 2008 presidential campaign of Barack Obama called  “Designing Obama”. “Designing Obama” is a special book, if only because it was one of the first to come into place trough crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Also, Thomas played an important role in the design of the Obmama campaign, […]

In recent years the web has made the world a more transparent place. Social media encouraged users to voluntarily share personal information about their selves on the web and companies have found out, this sharing involves discussing their services online. These users do this to their own advantage, although they do not always oversee the […]