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I guess most design students have learned about integration at some point. Business, Costumer-relations, Engineering, Marketing and other departments may have very different demands for a new product and the designer has to find her (his) way across the different value sets and constraints of these different departments. An integrated design manages to do so; […]

When GigaOm commentator Stacey Higginbotham called the recent debate about net neutrality “tech policy’s version of the movie Groundhog Day“, she gave me the perfect excuse to write this post. To many people ‘net neutrality’ is an exotic idea and ‘car’ isn’t, but in leading blog post the terms seem evenly mundane. However, the idea of […]

Many web services publish an API, and much of the innovation on the web  is a result of that. With an API (Application Programming Interface) a web service allows third parties to reuse some of their data and functionality. Many see this as a perfect example of open innovation as Henry Chesbrough defined it in […]

I have been commenting on ‘openness’ according to Google, in an earlier post. Since then I am struggling with the many ways the term ‘open’ is used in relation to e-business. This has been a reason to pick up the book ‘Open Business Models’ by Henry Chesbrough. In contrast with what you might think, open […]