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Many web services publish an API, and much of the innovation on the web  is a result of that. With an API (Application Programming Interface) a web service allows third parties to reuse some of their data and functionality. Many see this as a perfect example of open innovation as Henry Chesbrough defined it in […]

This is the second post of my ‘open business models’ series (about Chesbrough’s book with this title). In the first post I introduced the incentives to go for an open innovation process which are: (1) a strong protection for ideas is in place, (2) there is a potential mismatch between technology and intellectual property and […]

I have been commenting on ‘openness’ according to Google, in an earlier post. Since then I am struggling with the many ways the term ‘open’ is used in relation to e-business. This has been a reason to pick up the book ‘Open Business Models’ by Henry Chesbrough. In contrast with what you might think, open […]

In this blog post Jonathan Rosenberg, Senior Vice President, Product Management of Google comments on his vison of the term ‘open’ as it is used by Google. He makes a case for open systems (or business models) and claims they will win over closed business models. Like practiced by competitor Apple. Quote At Google we […]