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Many web services publish an API, and much of the innovation on the web  is a result of that. With an API (Application Programming Interface) a web service allows third parties to reuse some of their data and functionality. Many see this as a perfect example of open innovation as Henry Chesbrough defined it in […]

If your Twitter timeline has been flooded with messages recently, you are not the only one. The service that converts your timeline into a ‘daily newspaper’ is incredibly popular which makes perfect sense from a UX perspective. The service gives the user a preview of the content behind the link. This makes it easier […]

Last week, the developers of “Diaspora”, an open source alternative to Facebook released the code of their application. Responses were mixed. Some found security issues, others critiqued the AGPL license, while many others merely expressed their excitement. Many people would like to see a project like Diaspora to be a success, if only because of its David […]

Michel Bauwens is a world wide promoter of what he calls p2p economy. In this introductory lecture Bauwens introduces the most important building blocks for his thinking. The lecture was given at the College of Social and Behavior Science Center for Communication for Sustainable Social Change on November 25, 2008 and originally called ‘Network Civilization’. […]

In this blog post Jonathan Rosenberg, Senior Vice President, Product Management of Google comments on his vison of the term ‘open’ as it is used by Google. He makes a case for open systems (or business models) and claims they will win over closed business models. Like practiced by competitor Apple. Quote At Google we […]