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A book review The problem with books about the impact of social media on society is that most of them are too polemic. The positive books make sweeping claims about how social media is going to change the world for the better. Their writers predict social media will cause more a participatory, open and democratic […]

UX Nightmare


Do not misread the title, this is not a description of a groteskly failing product, yet – it is a report of the dream I had last night. I dreamed of a new feature on Twitter. It was now possible to tweet streaming video banners. To make them extra extra engaging they could break out […]

Many web services publish an API, and much of the innovation on the web  is a result of that. With an API (Application Programming Interface) a web service allows third parties to reuse some of their data and functionality. Many see this as a perfect example of open innovation as Henry Chesbrough defined it in […]

If your Twitter timeline has been flooded with messages recently, you are not the only one. The service that converts your timeline into a ‘daily newspaper’ is incredibly popular which makes perfect sense from a UX perspective. The service gives the user a preview of the content behind the link. This makes it easier […]

Within some Twitter clients the # is a punctuation mark that makes a word interactive. Would the interactivity of the hashtag influence its use? I will argue that the formal semantics of hashtags are determined by the interactivity that is implemented in the Twitter client, but there are also many pragmatic (social) uses that are […]

There are people that look into their Twitter message a couple of times a week or less, and those who do so a multiple times a day. Some monitor Twitter more or less constantly – possibly with a sidebar application. Is Twitter the same to these different users? In this short post I argue it […]

In 2003 Hip Hop star Lauryn Hill released her ‘MTV Unplugged 2.0’ album. A controversial move, since she performed somewhat unfinished songs with a guitar, rather than a six piece band. However, according to her own musings during the concert this was a conscious choice. Hill said that having the responsibility of supporting a six […]

This video deals with social media in classroom. The authors praise the flexibility of the tools that are available, and -more important- the added value of sharing your work with the ‘world’ creating an added layer of value.