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This is the last post in a short series examining the benefits and drawbacks of thinking about the world in terms of ‘networks’ .  Earlier on, I gave an introduction to mathematical network theory, I discussed the network as a way of explaining the world and I discussed  social media as model for social networks. […]

Are the N-Geners different after all? Is the swift, social media enabled, coordination of mass protests in the “Arab spring” or the “London Riots” a sign of a rising “culture of cooperation”, inspired by the Internet?  In their book Wikinomics netoptimists Don Tapscott and Anthony Williams claim the Net- Generation, born after the invention of […]

Michel Bauwens is a world wide promoter of what he calls p2p economy. In this introductory lecture Bauwens introduces the most important building blocks for his thinking. The lecture was given at the College of Social and Behavior Science Center for Communication for Sustainable Social Change on November 25, 2008 and originally called ‘Network Civilization’. […]