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This is the second post of my ‘open business models’ series (about Chesbrough’s book with this title). In the first post I introduced the incentives to go for an open innovation process which are: (1) a strong protection for ideas is in place, (2) there is a potential mismatch between technology and intellectual property and […]

I have been commenting on ‘openness’ according to Google, in an earlier post. Since then I am struggling with the many ways the term ‘open’ is used in relation to e-business. This has been a reason to pick up the book ‘Open Business Models’ by Henry Chesbrough. In contrast with what you might think, open […]

‘Everything you read in the main stream media is absolutely true’. This is a quote from the Everything is OK video that featured as the closing film of the episode that the Dutch cultural cowboys of Upload Cinema had devoted to activism on the web. The episode was called ‘Saved By YouTube’ and dealt with videos crafted to make an impact […]